Tech #26, inverting all realities?

Pentagon plane BW.jpg

Reality #01 ~ Like the ‘WTC’ Twin Towers complex the New York ‘CIA’ head office known as Building 7 was literally wired up with it’s major steel girder nano particle thermite cutting charges placed under the insulation around it’s steel girders during construction, try not to dismiss Prescott Bush’s old company was the building supervisor for the Towers, the Towers were also wired up with Tesla generators at construction, matter of fact both towers were built as Tesla power generators taking electrical power from the earth’s magnetic field and Hutchinson field generators were delivered in the mysterious printer ink x Coca Cola (sic) pallets to all floors of the Towers in the days before Sept 11 2001…

Pallets on printer ink

Then finally try not to ignore that it still takes at least 6 months to wire a building like Bldg 7 up to ‘PULL IT’ as Silverstein is recorded as having said he agreed to on the day after he claimed the ‘FDNY’ said the fires were out of control…

Invert reality #01 ~ Failed Cessna Pilot’s hijacked 4 x ‘757’ commercial jets with zero time in a simulator to become acquainted with the cockpit let alone learn how to fly the bloody things, then two jets brought down 3 skyscrapers and Iraq had a ‘WMD’ capacity in the back of mobile semi trailer truck mounted factories, are you with me thus far in this inverted-idiot-reality thing?

Reality #02 ~ After the “Black Rod down Diego Garcia” incident, was that 2005 or 2006 was it, it was real and it’s what really polluted the Pacific as in it’s why the isotopes don’t match what was expected from the Fukishima meltdown the deep state media sold you, behind the scenes America decommissioned half of it’s Minutemen and surrendered control of ‘ALL’ it’s space based weapons, then they had to give up the Iraqi gold they stole and sign over contracts to Afghan Lithium to an as yet unnamed international power, add all that up and you got one of two scenario’s ~ America was soundly outfoxed and defeated by a nation that is not being outed as the world’s new #01 superpower, ‘OR’, the whole thing was set up by the real deep state, deep state being Freemason’s under Bavarian Illuminati control, to give the US a big reach around and sucker the final holdout patriots in the US Military to roll over to Odessa…

Pompeo Schwammberger Odessa SS Via Mengele Secretary of State

Invert reality #02 ~ America is still the unchallenged leader of the free world and still the world’s greatest superpower, the ‘DPRK’ is a real and present danger to the Mainland United States as well as to the militarily insignificant spec known as Guam, and Russia messed with your elections because that’s what Russian’s are like, they mess with things ~ As to which is the most likely scenario, I’ll have to consult my ‘WHO GIVES A F**K’ mobile army field hospital manual Huh?

Now enjoy the blog unless your servile head’s gone soft on you already, your US taxpayer funded Cessna Pilot story Govt has done studies which suggest your attention span may not have even lasted this long, plus, they think you won’t know what to make of it even if you did manage to read it all…


If that’s so, if you’re already confused, then you better just skip the blog entirely and go straight to the funny bit at the end ~ Your Govt sure don’t think too highly of you do they Elroy, Leroy, by the way, how’s your Momma, she still hot?

0001000 More Crap0002000 Distract America

0004000 0003 ADJUSTED

0006000 Haspel-SchwammbergerGina Haspel Schwammberger CI-Ao 8000007000 ~ REALITY Comment

0008000 ~ Cold hand Dick


So is that a joke post above because it’s got humour in it?
Why does me saying something humorously imply it’s a joke?
And you’re the greatest nation in the world still America?
Can’t you even take a joke now if the jokes on you?

All vids\graphics are used in fair-use x fair-comment…
Here’s the SARCASCMLINK‘, this one is sociopolitical…
Two years of Private Healthcare in Oz is still pretty cheap…
Unfortunately, it’s still waaaaaaaayo-more than I’ve got…
But it looks like no-one really gives a damn after all…
Anyway, what’s the point of these idiot’s blogs?

Ustinov comedy 490 BW

Is it all just a joke you think?

Newsboy president treason amnesty 490American Nazi treason amnesty 490

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