So who’s running their sham now?

Just not getting their Prusso\Masonic conspiracy are you America…

It’s like you’re dumb enough to believe Washington’s Freemason’s…

King George Weishapt Washington 600

Allow me to paint you a little picture about the deception you labored under for the last 240 odd years and pose you a logical rational question along the lines of however your deaths eventually come about as in whether it’s of natural causes or you’re murdered by the pseudo democratic republic you thought you had, do you really want to go to your Gawd’s as little more than fools believing the feudal deceptions these Luciferian part Prussian descent illuminated secret society devil’s sold you? ~ Surely any sane fool could see that it’s not too smart to start the rest of your eternity based on submissions to a lie that’s effectively kept you under feudal reign since the beginning while convincing you you were free?

Won’t that allow their Luciferian god’s to do likewise forevermore?

KIng George and the world wide Prussian Tillerson JinPing May Merkel Faux Trump Putin mafia LARGE

Come on, you’re not all that dumb are you, can’t be, you just can’t…

That’s Rex Tillerson’s father underneath that Russian lady…

There’s Bob Tillerson and Epstein and ex FBI Director Mueller…

When it comes to the fantasy of Russia’s election collusion that these devious Luciferian part Prussian Freemasons used as a smokescreen to hide the fact that once again they set the United States up with another illegal president not born in America and more importantly when it comes to the control of political society operating within the long term systematic Satanic abuse of the kids in America’s big pedo dungeon networks under the same Knight of Malta Masonic umbrella as pulled the Sept 11 constitutional Coup D’Atta and thus overseen by his Luciferian illegitimate Prussian descent extended part Prussian descent family, I’d suggest the now totally compromised ex ‘FBI Director’ Robert Mueller couldn’t effectively investigate his own treasonous asshole even if it was mounted on the end of Hubble telescope so he could get a better overall objective assessment…

While you’re working stuff out, who wired up Bldg 7 America?

wtc-7-REVERSE trump-corp-bush-carlisle-money-laundering DARKER + JET

You think Robert Mueller will ever get to the bottom of that?

Islam guy Alien Muslim's did it Jack Daniels 600

Gee, wonder what my fellow American-idiots think…

Still require precise allegation\accusations used by Sept 11 perp’s to put
Ohioborn sex-slave traded baby-boy me on an anti-constitutional Patriot
Act Level Two NDAA proscribed person’s Orwellian state-control list…

You know they’re lying don’t you Schwanzlutscher…


That was a lawyer or a mortician you filthy Prussian swines…

Redneck Comedian FCUK YOUR GOD _ Red Arrows NO JOKE (3)

I’m a witness to US Govt employees torturing babies to death…


2:00 AM AEST July 17th

skeleton-skull-red-eyes-part-trans_burned-blogs-are-phished SMALL

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