Sarcasm, accuracy, plus humor too!

King George Queen Elizabeth bloodlinesBernie Sanders Cheney Gorbechevjinping-netanyahu-putin-pence-large

Prusso\Aryan Masonic bloodlines are planning mega-genocide…

Guess you can just ignore it all right up until you can’t…

Don’t let it get you down, keep a sense-of-humor…

That’s the accurate sarcastic bit there, it’s very accurate…

See that bit there isn’t sarcastic tho, not one little bit sarcastic…

Pompeo pedo BarrFBI pedo Mueller

Neither is that, Knight of Malta Mason’s are conning you large…

Prescott-Reagan Swastika Star Wars 600Bush 41 witch Knights of Malta 600 slowAAA ICE BERG US Fed debt CROPPED TOP 600

Think you’ll ever get a clue do you Yankee Doodle Dandy?

About things like Prusso\Aryan bankers, and conspiracies…

Some time before Jesus Christ returns to fully audit you?


Over and over and over again, where’s your head at America?

Redneck Comedian FCUK YOUR GOD _ Red Arrows NO JOKE (3)

Still want the precise allegation\accusations used by Sept 11 perp’s to put
Ohioborn sex-slave traded baby-boy me on an anti-constitutional Patriot
Act Level 2 NDAA proscribed person’s Orwellian state-control list…

You still let those treasonous Masons lead you like sheep…

I’ve personal reasons to resent treason yet as I’ve already partly covered them elsewhere I’ll merely restate what I’d known beforehand along with small pieces I’d learned after that attack by radical Islamic Cessna Pilot’s trained in Florida if you can believe that, Umm, IF you can believe that, you droll dumbasses…

I’d first heard about the intention to whack a skyscraper in New York for the purpose of removing parts of the US Constitution back in the mid 1960’s which was well before anyone turned a spade on the Trade Center complex, heard about Prescott’s old company being appointed as Building Supervisors, heard about the thermite going in under the insulation surrounding those massive steel girders, first time in history anyone deemed it necessary to insulate steel girders, was told about the Towers being the antennae for the Tesla generator each had built in the basement just as the old Empire State Building had, as a byline at the time I’d also been told that the Tesla unit in the Empire State Building was powering a massive underground bunker built by slave labor abducted during the depression…

Was also told about the unnecessary insulation that was going in around steel girders in Building 7 under a different Building Supervisor as well as the thermite going in under the insulation, had the Hutchinson effect explained to me in some detail including how different frequencies weakened different materials, it’s my understanding that it’s only when the energy grid is quickly collapsed that all of the previously weakened molecular bonds just fracture indiscriminately enough for in this case a few massive 400,000 ton buildings being brought down with minimal explosives, turning steel into dust and concrete into powder…


Midnight AEST Sept 13th
Aand 4:00 AM Sept 14th
Another at 11:00 AM
Graphic at Midday


skeleton-skull-red-eyes-part-trans_burned-blogs-are-phished SMALL

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