Tech #45, make everything a lie…

Talking rocks Trump 2020

You know you’re being lied to America, lied to by devious people who think they’re smarter than you, and they might be too ~ Look, I’m the guy that first thought of selling American’s rocks as pet’s, Yup, I’m not kidding either, the idea was stolen from me and marketed well but it was my idea, I’m the guy that first thought of selling American’s rocks as pets, not that having a rock as a pet is overly dumb, you don’t have to feed it, walk it, or water it, it’s a pretty low maintenance pet so it’s not such a bad idea if you think about it, especially for people who live in the inner city ~ Thing is I’d actually thought American’s were dumb enough to buy a rock from someone else, you know, a businessman, rather than go out and collect their own damn rock, I-was right…

Then came Cessna Pilot’s, skyscraper’s, and Donald J. Grump…

0001000 ~ Shroyer Schwammberger Face PAGE0002000 ~ Phillis Killer Diller Seagal

0004000 ~ Jesse Schwammberger Ventura

00010000 ~ Fake news fingering it's own pooper

00012000 ~ 18 decade meltdown, interesting

00014000 ~ The Vegas repeatGrump Parkland BANG fake BW00018000 ~ The Vegas repeat repeat repeat SPAMMED00016000 ~ The Vegas repeat repeat repeatTalking rocks Trump 2020


So you just don’t get-it, that it?

Better go back and look at the photo of Ventura and Trump…
See that really is Donald J. Trump, not that fake Donald J. Grump…
You got no shame left America, that it, you got no shame left?
Hit THISLINK to learn a little more about the real thing…

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