Does incredulous spring to mind?

Seems ex FBI Director Mueller evidently never found nothing…

Maybe that’s because there was never ever anything to find?

The media relentlessly reported he’d spent 2 years and over $30 million dollars and obviously never found nothing to do with America’s Faux 45 colluding with Russian entities or indeed colluding with any other kinds of entities because to be fair to Mueller and not to prejudge the matter he was never officially asked to find what isn’t in the redacted part of his droll voluminous report anyway…

Also seems obvious that by implication we are all led to supposedly presume that that’s the end of the matter and the end of all similar matters regarding collusion which is another word for treason and espionage when applied to these matters so everyone just better get on with the task of making America great again…

Again obviously (sic) that means that it’s logical to presume that somewhere in between Ronald Reagan making America great again and the selection of Faux 45 by the Knight of Malta controlled Freemason’s running the electoral colleges that control US presidential politics, someone made America not so great again?

That’s a logical conclusion to make, all things considered…

Ignore similarities between Robertson and Tillerson’s father…

Matter of fact just to keep everyone on the same page ignore the Prussian bloodline similarities of Tillerson’s father and preacher Pat Robertson and Sept 11 Commander in Chief Dubya Bush and Faux Trump’s Vice President Pence too, and while you’re at it perhaps it’d be better for America if you ignore similarities between Odessa SS Josef Schwammberger and lead pilot in New York Mohammed Atta as well as the similarities between him and Central Intel Gina Haspel?

Ignore similarities between Mueller Tillerson and Faux-Trump too

See Mueller wasn’t tasked with considering all things was he…

TRUMP Mueller what Nazi's large fast

He was only tasked with discovering any Russian collusion…

Pee-Russian collusion was beyond his terms of reference…

Glad to have cleared all that up for you folk…



According to your media you got no shame\brains left America…

1:11 AM AEST June 2nd

skeleton-skull-red-eyes-part-trans_burned-blogs-are-phished SMALL

These posts aren’t
a joke, those who’ve
claimed Cessna Pilot’s
knocked skyscrapers
down and those who
believed it all are
the fcuking joke

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