Tech 134, warped endeavours…

TRUMP COLLAGE Not the current 45

Cessna Pilot’s right New York, Cessna Pilot’s whacking skyscraper’s?

The Knight of Malta (Bavarian Illuminati) have lied well…

Bush 41 Scherff Battenberg 600

Literally they’re a worldwide German criminal mafia…

Kaiser King und Czar all Battenberg cousins 600

Three different Battenberg’s played Hitler in World War 2…

Hitler x Prescott Bush 600

Three different men played GHW Bush in the 60’s too..

The Bush baby boys BORDER 600

“Scherff-41” took his American-born 1\2 brother’s name…

And here's felix Bush 1962 here's how it works (2)

Some creep took John Kerry’s place too you docile fools…

Kerry real and fake 600 BW

Crew cut guy took the original Trump’s place, obviously…


But can’t you understand there’s more than one crew-cut guy?


You know you need a 100% treason amnesty now don’t you…

Grin guy Amnesty kid 770american-nazi-treason-amnesty-730 DARKAMNESTY HYPOCRISY 790

But without a #pedodungeongrandjury you don’t deserve it…

Nov 6 pedo dungeon Nazi's 560

2:00 AM AEST Nov 7th


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