126, Prussian schadenfraud’s…

Bush Robertson 730 bit sussMountbatten Malcolm X 790malcolm-x-and-obama-use-this-oneMountbatten fake Kerry Mueller Pence Stone Sessions Hatch and Grassley Suss 730

Oh look, those bad men are scaring the patriot-actor’s again…

Emu Ostrich BORDER 600

They’re so scared they’re pretending to be an ostrich on Nov 6th…

Redneck Comedian-guy wants to know if you need a hand…

Johnson Prince Phillip Knight of Malta dumbass German faggots 560JOHNSON MOUNTBATTEN COUSINS 560

You may need some advice on how to suck eggs…

malta-fascist-suck-eggs-nov-6th 600

You know, with your Mountbatten\Battenberg denial…

Nov 6th Cessna Pilot pedo dungeon Grand Jury 560 (2)

And that other thing, their pedo-dungeon network…


My name is Robby Daniel, I’m Ohio-born, suck eggs Idaho…

Redneck Cessna Building 800Miss the Bus pedo dungeon grand jury Nov 6 Nazi 800 (2)

Schaden-fraud’s was it?

1:11 PM AEST Oct 20


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