Tech #107, they lie about lying…

Nov 6th Moral Relativity Cessna 800

Donald Trump says he’s not a Freemason, but pleeease Mr President Sir…
We’re still trying to work out how to hook both you and Hillary up together…
On the same machine, to be asked the same questions, at the same time…
And seriously, we know at-least three Hillary’s have to be hooked up…

There’s billions and trillions of questions to ask isn’t there…

Iraqi gold 520

Literally, there’s billions and trillions of questions…

Afgan opium 490

Was never a believer in lying machines anyway…

Odessa Lithium Afghanistan Mr Turkey Sir 460

So Umm, who’s getting all those trillion’s?

Vids\graphics fair-use x fair-comment…
And a LINK to something that still matters…
You got soul left you wannabe tough-guy’s?
Or no staying power left maybe, that-it?

After the pedo-dungeon
grand jury, get a suspicious
deaths in ‘VA’ hospitals grand
jury going too, or you’ll all just
lose what’s left, their fascist’s
will take it all, all of it!



8:00 AM AEST Aug 27th

Careful, the
blogs are all

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