Gut friend of yours is he Freddy?

DISNEYLAND New York on fire Walt Disney Patriot Achtung

Washington’s America is exactly like the theme park you get if Nazi’s
back Freddy Kruger with a leveraged buyout of Disney Corporation…

A Patriot Act Redneck reacharound arrow BW 730

Guess this means I’d better avoid Louisiana in my holidays Huh?

REDNECK Islam Skyscrapers HELL YEAH

This be like a sort of obvious cultural political pun there right?

Bit of humor before Masonic Washington murders half of you…

Been 105 years since a fake assassination started big war…

Get up to speed, you’d fall for it, remember Dallas…

Agenda really does plan on kicking the game-on that way…

Rumsfeld Prescott Kennedy 600

Seriously America, remember that fake Dealy Plaza farce?

Sure you do, guy in Limo head shot from the Grassy Knoll…

Fake Kennedy Otto Von Braun 730

The thing with that is, it wasn’t Kennedy, they lied to you…

Rumsfeld Grassy Knoll sniper ADJ LARGERumsfeld Al Qaeda rectum, our audit office was ISLAMIC

Still just having a bit of (Accurate) fun with you Rednecks…


Now here’s the coldly serious, the collective conscience…

I’m not accusing you, I’m simply a witness to it…

bush-02 600 double-eagle-ass-raped-anna-beaumont German born


Still no practical support to pay for 40 days with a top class barrister to write down my evidence in a professional manner about literally witnessing 20 fcuking Central Intelligence Agency child murders from 1963 to just before the very end of 1969 Australia, they were all Aussie kids and 14 of those included 9 babies…

The tortured babies were coal-black full-blood Aboriginal…


They used to fly in thru Pine Gap for their evil work…

Those 14 were ritual torture murders of full blood Aboriginals, I’d been able to see the older girls were girls while with the babies I’d merely been told they were girls along with telling me all the weird kabbalistic cannibalistic sick shit they did with the cadavers of which the veracity of I’m in no doubt whatsoever, it was easy to see these were genuine full bloods, genuine full bloods, obviously in addition to the sicko Luciferian nature of their torture murders this was pure Luciferian genocide directed at a specific race, while a 15th who was Jane Beaumont was screwed with a razor tipped penis extender dipped in Chilli for about 3 minutes before being shot in the back of the head along with her brother and sister who also met the same kabbalistic cannibalism after their deaths, her’s the worst screams I’d ever heard in my entire fcuking life ever, including my own…


Waiting for the precise allegation\accusations Sept 11 perp’s used to put
Ohioborn sex-slave traded baby-boy me on an anti-constitutional Patriot
Act Level 2 NDAA proscribed person’s Orwellian state-control list…

What the-fcuk are all of you pretenders waiting for?


5:00 PM AEST Sept 18th
And 6:00 PM same day


skeleton-skull-red-eyes-part-trans_burned-blogs-are-phished SMALL

Be careful, they
really do make lists
of who reads-em

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