Bringing it back from Meh-Chico?

This isn’t rocket science, the heroin comes in at 30,000 feet stupid’s…

First it’s dropped off at National park runways isn’t it Ryan…

Soon it’s everywhere, it even makes New York princes richer…

Yeah, Ha-Ha, New-York New-York, nope, no comment, none…

Joker ~ Liar's Club member's only New York

But Washington claims it walks or drives over the border?

maga bull 560 better

Well you know what that’d be don’t you, yooou-know…

Yeah you know don’t you America, you know alright…

The sort of BS that’d make your eyes water…

Redneck FCUK YOUR GOD ~ Red Arrows 560NOV 6 Pedo Dungeon BLACKED OUT 560 red strike thru

2:00 AM AESDST Jan 06


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