Secret genetic ‘NIST’ inquiry Fritz?

Wooo Jesse-Christo Montebello I’ve got a black SOH some days…

However I’d grown up with a step family who were common mining town folk and the thing us kids were all taught right from the get go was most things non fiction were always funnier than fiction could ever be so I’d always tried hard to make light of real world perspectives rather than make dumb jokes about nothing…

Anyway that (What?) said “We don’t know what he means” is the most likely pathetic response your mostly American born illegitimately conceived Teutonic Knights of Malta in the US Congress may claim about the featured graphic and the following graphics with Zinke Morrison Shorten Medvedev Pompeo DeBlasio Atta Haspel Schwammberger and the rest of the inbred’s in them, and that just makes it even funnier because the puns are based on accurate non fictional realities…

This is non-fictional reality below, and there’s a joke in it too…

And non-fictional reality with few if any possible puns to make…

10:00 PM AEST May 03

skeleton-skull-red-eyes-part-trans_burned-blogs-are-phished SMALL

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