Tech 135, moron’s won did they?

C’mon America, cut the bull-crap, that’s not the original Donald J…

Dave Trump Google STRIKE RED 600

And Cessna Pilot’s can’t fly commercial passenger jets either…

The real problem was moronic Masonic treason since Kennedy guys…


Simple enough, and a #pedodungeongrandjury while you’re at it…

Mickey Mouse Nouse pedo dungeon grand jury 600


That was the moron’s version, you enjoy-it, moron’s?

Daffy Duck Bugs Bunny 6th NOV 560Federal deficit accountancy duck season 560

Better hold onto your hats, it’ll be a hell of a ride…

Redneck Comedian Cessna 2018 600Jones Pompeo slower 600Dr Infowars Jones WILL FIX IT 600

And Um, I’m a comedian but the posts are serious…

7:00 AM AEST Nov 10


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