The real power on the throne…

Don’t ask me why Huh?

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Some people wanna know who the real power is…

After 5 1\2 decades studying this crap to attempt to understand who was ultimately responsible for the murders of my birth mother and twin sister the very day I’d been born, I’d say the real power on the throne would be Prussian descent Germans in control of the top four levels of the Masonic Lodges for 47 years longer than the Masonic Lodge currently admits to existing…

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When the old Bavarian Illuminati became too odorous and even common folk began to tweak to the reality they pretended to cease to exist at the same time they took over the supposedly Catholic Knight of Malta Lodges and from then on used those to rule the Masonic Lodges as a mask behind the scenes, while the lodges themselves pretended not to be anything other than a secret society of good-old boys who loved their Momma’s and were all involved in community service and other good works when in all truth they’re nothing more than the public face of the largest criminal gang the world has ever known..

From the time they took over the British throne 300 years ago to pull their so called British Empire colonialism across the globe it’s been Germans running things, to be specific Germans descended from the old Prussian Empire who in turn claimed to be a mix of Nordic Diaspora sourced Norman Conqueror blood along with a line of royal houses extending all of the way back to King Solomon’s 1200 descendants ~ That type of arrangement of Solomon’s descendants married into the royal houses of Assyria Babylon Greek and Roman rulers stretches the minds of most because of the cunning way disinformation about real history and the way true power was wielded throughout the ages was deliberately entrenched in the common folk from primary school onward, occasionally buttressed by that old furphy that it’s a Jewish conspiracy, truth is the pimp x cattle rustler x child murderer patriarch and religious charlatan known as Abram was simply a pawn in a much older and darker game, if you know the hard facts of the biblical story of the Exodus then you might recall that when Israel’s invisible god led them out of Egypt they were supposedly carrying all of Egypt’s gold and jewels with them while leaving all of Egypt’s firstborn dead, so I’m thinking the Egyptian royal family probably split the haul up with Moses in the desert later…

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That said I’ll fast forward to the American War of (Pretend) Independence where the Mason’s like Jefferson under the control of Illuminati adept Adam Weishaupt cemented their stranglehold on the American political process always ensuring that only Freemason’s had any real power, but always Freemason’s under German (Prussian) control at the helm of their ship of state essentially guaranteeing the bloodlines of the old Prussian Empire pretty much ran everything right down to the present day ~ All across Europe the Battenberg elite (Prussians) had used intermarriage between the various royal houses to place part Prussian descent pawns on the throne of all countries ~ At the time of the Crimean War it was Germans of Prussian descent running all sides including using a double for the Czar to issue countermanding orders to the troops in the field causing the loss of their capital, thus the real power on the throne was Prussian descent Germans ruling via the Masonic Lodges ~ In both the Indian and Afghan wars it was the same although again people who’s minds were so warped in school often have trouble taking in the reality that intermarriage has been used for 1000’s of years not to knit the various nations together but rather to keep the common people together under the yoke of what’s called “The Order of the Ages”…

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Here’s an overview that gets to the Nitty Gritty…

Using the Knight of Malta control of the Masonic Lodge the Prussian elite ran both sides of the American Civil War picking up a cool $1 to $8 trillion from the honest Abe x Boss Tweed cash bearer bond war debt tax rort, that then funded European Arms Cartels at the same time funded German (Prussian) descent robber barons to rape American natural resource and then steal Russia’s 300+ years gold hoard, this was used to create the US Fed banks under Battenberg control, they ran all sides of World War One, obviously wrecking Europe and getting rid of lots of pesky commoners who knew too much, faked the Czar’s death and gave them Bolshevism which was simply autocratic feudal rule by German descent Mason’s they called Jews, pulled the 1922 to 1929 Wall St asset strip at the same time they financed the part Prussian Japanese Emperor to loot China’s gold, used all of that to finance Adolf Hitler to loot Europe’s gold which they kept in Switzerland and Russia under a series of part Prussian descent pigs including Joseph Stalin, ran all sides of World War Two and the Cold War which followed, and then again fast forward illegally loaned that gold to the US Fed in 1973 while calling it the Chinese gold loan, using that to create the junk bonds for their Reaganomics asset strip providing enormous conspiratorial financial power to place part German (Prussian) descent Young Republicans into power at all levels of the society leading right up to the Sept 11 Masonic Coup D’Atta (sic) and the illuminated Prussian goose step cum Patriot Act frog stomp of truth and freedom ever since as offspring of Prussian Odessa pawns slowly strangle Lady Liberty while taking “Liberties” (Snigger) with her national pride…

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Gonna keep-on pretending until they murder you?

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Lower intellect types just settle for asking why bother?

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Speaking personally, I’d much prefer to just leave now…


7:00 AM AEST Nov


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