Tech 139, by any other name Huh?

Oak Ridge inbred's ~ TOP OF THE CLASS

They don’t teach European history in the Oak Ridge primary school…

All they do is teach Jesus and how to play guitar and lotto…

That’s all, just Jesus + Guitar and lotto + official history…

henry-ford-adolf-hitler-mussolini-benedict-queeb KOM 600 red arrow

They leave a little bit of it all out tho, you know, just cause…

Had they taught real history then boy, Lemme tell you all…

The Oak Ridge boys’d likely start some sortah’ big ruckus…

You might all be asking why if you had good schoolin’ too…

And it all has to do with those Prussian descent Knight of Malta…

Paul Ryan Knight of Malta Large

They gotta leave some of it out because, well you know, just because…

Otherwise there might be no end of dishonestly answered questions…

Questions like who tha-funk is that cnut pretending to be Trump?

Seriously, who the funk is that cnut and where’s the original?

Trump and Dave 740TRUMP COLLAGE Not the current 45

Now serious, where will it end if the whole truth came out?

Treason Amnesty anti-hypocrisy darker 600

Hopefully there maybe, after this bit below is done…

NOV 6 Pedo Dungeon BLACKED OUT 560 red strike thru

PS: None of my videos are private, what-up?

Redneck comedian 360

11:00 AM AEST Nov 21


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