Tech 138, dictating a dialogue?

Try not to lose the focus Russian, or you Chinaman, or American…

Trillions in Afghan Lithium and billions in opium is a symptom…

The disease is unchecked Luciferin Prussian brute power…

Some people call them Knights of Malta but that’s a mask…

ryan-clinton-prince-phillip-knight of malta 600

American’s could actually do the real world a real service for once…

Shermann Univac Computer RUSSIAN GOLD US Fed LARGE

Or use a 100% treason-amnesty to restore real truth in politics…

Grin guy Amnesty kid 770CONGRESS HANGS South ParkAMNESTY HYPOCRISY 790

Give kids a #fascistpedodungeongrandjury before they die too…


8:00 PM AEST Nov 21


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