Tech 124 KOM Masonic treason?

G Masonic Cessna border large

Reality-versus-spin seems to be getting pretty weird in neo-America…

Cessna Pilot’s knocking skyscrapers down was it Speaker Ryan?

Sounds pretty fcuking gayo to me, pretty fcuking gayo…

Johnson Prince Phillip Knight of Malta dumbass German faggots 560


Cut the crap, here’s what they’re planning…

Martial Law SS 560Fake trump-assassination-cia-bw-560 (3)Martial Law SS 560

You may be able to delay-it with these…

MISS THE BUS Nov 6 boy 560Treason Amnesty anti-hypocrisy darker 560

And here’s their insane end goal either way…

kinetic-weapons-masonic-symbol 490

Remember, they wrecked Germany twice…

Dresden ruins 490

Get-a-clue you cocksuckers…

Sad boy go back to sleep Jesus 395

4:40 AM AEST Oct 15



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