Gott sei Dank für freie Medien?

Bible Cessna Islam

Emperor Constantine conquered under the sign on the cross…

Emperor 43 conquered under the sign of the Cessna Pilot…

MAGA Bull 600

That guy pretending to be Trump using the sign of the bull?

What guy pretending to be Trump true-believers might ask?

Anyway America, may the Lord Cessna Pilot almighty bless thee…

You got some big choices to make, don’t make-em based on lies…

Amnesty lies treason 600

Whatever the real god of truth is, if such a thing even exists…

May he’ll damn you to eternal hell if you keep ignoring kids…

Pedo rat Nov 6th crossed out ROUGH 600

Words escape me to describe your American hypocrisy…



Haven’t you got any shame left at all America?

And the rest of you,  I’d said to the Australian’s I’m in need of 2 years of top shelf private healthcare both for the sake of my health to do with the damage that was deliberately done by the same pissant Odessa controlled fascist pigs as pulled the Sept 11 attacks as well as being a useful political resource, I’d said to the Yank’s I’m in almost desperate need to know the precise (False) allegation used to place me on the proscribed person’s list of their Patriot Act and could also use 400 days of a top shelf lawyer’s time too as well, I’d said to the Russian’s my Russian born Finnish birth mother’s ‘KGB’ files would be useful, seeing she was whoring for Odessa they always kept extensive files on such women, files which would also document her death in Ohio the same day I’d been born, plus a pack of 200 mg slow release morphine if they could get one to fall off the back of a truck as the Russian mafia are occasionally known to do, that’d make things a little easier being without pain from the old broken back x neck injuries as well as the tumors the Central Intelligence Agency gave me, I’d said to the Chinese a few grams of heroin to euthanize would be merciful and certainly better for me and for the rest of the sane world than this farce I’m in now where sleep deprivation and the hypocrisy of fascist controlled US media can be used as a political tool simply because I’ve not got the practical support I’ve so often requested from that circle of fakes pretending to be friends supporters and\or well wishers, and I’d (Also) said to the British to take their right royal German British crown and shove it up their right royal British assholes, so doesn’t anybody listen anymore?

Hades, round two you fools…

Beaumont kids I accuse you America 500

4:00 AM AESDST Dec 18
And 6:30 PM Dec 19 too
10:00 AM Sept 26 2019


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