Do their excuses get complicated?

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At age seven I’d fully understood how things really were…

Back when America’s future 41st shot a girl dead in front of me…

No one got arrested, if you think about it why the hell would they?

Thus far the response of the good citizens in the country I’d grown up in varies between a kind of faggy passive indifference and fake nice sort of veiled contempt for me rocking the boat all of the way up to open hostility for me perhaps making them look bad by occasionally implying or sometimes even stating outright that they’re totally full of shit ~ Allow me to tell you a little true story put to me by the German born son of Prescott Bush who flew fighter bombers in the Pacific during World War Two, he’s the one who raped Anna Beaumont in the ass and tortured three full blood Aboriginal girls to death in front of me after his twin brother who was the future illegal 41st president of the (Great) United States of Perpetual Self Deception (USPSD) who himself had already shot my first girlfriend Monika dead in front of me and was to also torture another two full blood girls to death in front of me set his own brother up, looks like he set his own brother up out of spite and egotisical malice although at the time he (41) had claimed he did it to save his life and not out of jealosy because “Ulrique” (Yep, fly boy’s German name) was light years better than he was at most things except charming snakes into giving him their wallets and then getting them to say thank you for the priviledge…

Anyway he (The fly boy) once told me of a time when he’d gone off slightly half cocked yet with a fair degree of deep political and black op knowledge to right a wrong done by America’s nasty Nazi Knight of Malta Masonic deep state masters, he told me a whole load of people rallied to the cause and got on board but he’d not had the full practical resource including the cash to do what was needed in a myriad of ways including legal muscle and media to bring it all to a successful conclusion and that even included hiring a bit of physical daring do to protect those among his support base who were vulnerable ~ At the end of it he and his supporters were soundly defeated by the limitless resource of the deep state and the deep pockets of some of those at the head of the same conspiracy which has now pretty much castrated all US credibility to itself and it’s children as well as almost completely gutting the rights contained within the pre Patriot Act US Constitution and the worst of it was, at least according to him, that some very classy and able team players among his group literally ended up dead because although he knew precisely what to do he’d not had the resource to do it…

He told me he learnt a very hard lesson about not starting something if you don’t have the wherewithal to complete the task and from that moment on no matter what anyone asked of him he’d turn them down cold if the resource to finish the job wasn’t available, a lesson I’d not needed to learn myself as I’d understood what he meant, it’s mirrored in the biblical concept of not attempting to begin building a tower if you don’t have any chance of finishing the job properly…

Perhaps in that context you might understand my contempt for the many fickle Australian’s who comfort themselves by condemning my own measly efforts here and elsewhere to do what little I’m doing, yet I’m most certainly achieving all the goals I’d set myself within a pitifully limited resource currently available to me, understandable once you realize that for the last near 13 years the beast of the Prusso\Aryan Masonic deep state has outspent me around about one million to one each and every single day, much more could’ve and would’ve been achieved had the odds been a little more in my favor like maybe only 1000 to one…

So you wanted something a bit simpler did you Australia?

Redneck Comedian FCUK YOUR GOD _ Red Arrows NO JOKE (3)redneck-comedian-PATRIOT ACT ALLEGATION Largepedo-child-rights-suppressing-truth-FASCIST PEDO DUNGEON GRAND JURY

Still require precise allegation\accusations used by Sept 11 perp’s to put
Ohioborn sex-slave traded baby-boy me on an anti-constitutional Patriot
Act Level 2 NDAA proscribed person’s Orwellian state-control list…

I’m a witness to crimes against humanity Australia…

Aboriginal mother and baby 560

How long can you just keep on pretending America?


Got a horror story to tell about Washington’s crimes…

7:00 PM AEST Agust 8th


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