Theoretical physics Vs wanking?

two jets 3 skyscrapers theoretical physics

Possibilities of theoretical physics or wanking are endless…

wanking versus theoretical physics

I’m not moralizing you know, just calling you wankers…

Lemme know if you’re getting the pitch yet America.

Newsboy president treason amnesty 600 (2)

Can’t be asking ‘What treason is that’ can you wankers… 


Gonna go back to school to become better wankers?

levitation magnets cessna islam guy wankers 600

Here’s a concept most people don’t understand…

See that graphic above with the two magnets apparently levitating in mid air above the copper plate underneath them, now picture two such magnets weighing 50 kilo each sitting above a 20 inch thick one ton copper plate, then go ask one of your techie egg-head friends to do some precise calculating on the following…

You left two magnets collectively weighing 100 kilograms between them sitting over that 20 inch thick one ton copper plate and you’be left them there 24\7 for precisely one full solar year, not left them there for a calendar year, rather you’ve left them there for one complete circle of earth orbiting that iron rich deuterium plasma fusion reactor we orbit and then work out precisely how much force the two magnets are exerting to resist the effect of gravity for that full year…

Now to the point, if you measure the collective ‘GUASS’ of the two magnets prior to that experiment and you also measure the collective ‘GUASS’ of those magnets after the experiment as well and those two measurements are the same then you have just proved that ‘X’ amount of force resisted ‘Y’ amount of gravity for 365 days with no added energy to do so ~ However many minutes it was using free or rather relatively low cost energy to do so should still be there during the next year those two 50 kilo magnets levitate tho if the collective ‘GUASS’ of the two 50 kilo magnets has depreciated in any measurable degree then all you’ve really proven is magnets can potentially be used to store the equivalent of ‘X’ amount energy and you should immediately celebrate by getting a free handjob from any moron who still thinks that Cessna Pilot’s can fly commercial jets or that two jets could knock down one skyscraper let alone three of the fcukers weighing over 5000 times the weight of the jets which the television claimed had hit them combined…

I’ll tell you now the answer to the first question is I’ve absolutely no fcuking idea for certain myself whether all the latent energy of the magnetism in both those magnets diminishes to any measurable degree yet did when younger did actually work out a viable way to harness said same energy that I’m ‘Theorizing’ (sic) will not in any measurable way be diminished over that year of levitation ~ So maybe some bright spark at your Massachusetts Institute of Technology trained in that kind of shat can give you the exact numbers and a precise overview\answer to the whole question of whether the ‘GUASS’ in the magnets deteriorated thru the year in under a minute or two and should’ve easily been able to prove two commercial jets couldn’t knock down one skyscraper let alone three, and if not then they’re blowing their physics professor at MIT to get their degree in wanking…

Fascists expand their power base while you jerk off…

You laugh at me while your republic goes to a fascist hell still?


8:00 PM AESDST Jan 14
Aaaand 8:20 PM too
Plus 8:30 tooooo, Jesus
Writing 8:40 is editing


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