The Mueller Russia investigation?


There’s no need to investigate America’s 160 year Masonic conspiracy…

Mueller Kerry Netanyahu Prussian cousins LARGENeither is the Aardvark Mountbatten National Geo LARGE

No need to investigate a big-eard Aardvark\Mountbatten conspiracy…

trump-and-fake exact lookalikes 600 (3)

No need to investigate who’s pretending to be DJ Trump either…

Jone Stevens fake Trump 600The Two (One) fake Trump's SAME MAN 600Pence Iscar Stone bitter 600

So there you go, god bless America, making-it all great again…

And all that other stuff, don’t worry, Mueller’s got your back…

Kushner Trump Kutschmann 600schwammberger-much-america-atta Haspel 600Odessa Kushner black and white 600Seagal Schwammberger Atta Cessna American Nazi 600

Nope, all good, all your poor children can all rest easy…

NOV 6 Pedo Dungeon BLACKED OUT 560 red strike thru


7:30 PM AEST Dec 01
Re-EDIT 4:45 Dec 2


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