Tech 127, pawn in their game…

Pompeo Knight of Malta SS pawn 800 x 450

“Only A Pawn (s) In Their Game” (s)

Knight of Malta fascists BW 600christ-carrying-the-mountbatten-cross 600

Just to highlight you’re being fcuked over on two fronts…

Johnson Mountbatten illegitimate cousins KNIGHTS OF MALTAryan-clinton-prince-phillip-knight of malta 800

That’s the Battenberg\Mountbatten big end of town…

schwammberger-much-america-atta Haspel 600

Then there’s the Battenberg\Schwammberger’s too…

Schwammberger clan 100 percent 600

The plausibly-deniable Battenberg-conspiracy B-Team…

Pompeo MS 13 Schwammberger 600

And then there’s the one’s sitting on the bench too…

Haspel Kavanaugh Trump Atta slower RED BORDER 1000


My personal experience of treason is (Link) simple America…

Bush 41 Scherff Battenberg 600

And they were all only pawns in the game…

A bullet from the back of a
bush took Medgar Evers’ blood
A finger fired the trigger to his name
A handle hid out in the dark
A hand set the spark
Two eyes took the aim
Behind a man’s brain
But he can’t be blamed
He’s only a pawn in…

their game

masonic-court-jester-TrumpTrump Nazi assassination FAKE RED BW 520

A South politician preaches to the poor white man
“You got more than blacks, don’t complain, You’re better
than them, you been born with white skin” they explain
And the Negro’s name Is used it is plain
For the politician’s gain As he rises to fame
And the poor white remains
On the caboose of the train
But it ain’t him to blame
He’s only a pawn in their game

The deputy sheriffs, the soldiers, the governors get paid
And the marshals and cops get the same, But the poor white
man’s used in the hands of them all like a tool
He’s taught in his school
From the start by the rule
That the laws are with him
To protect his white skin
To keep up his hate
So he never thinks straight
‘Bout the shape that he’s in
But it ain’t him to blame
He’s only a pawn in their game

From the poverty shacks, he looks from the cracks to the tracks
And the hoof beats pound in his brain, And he’s taught how to
walk in a pack, Shoot in the back
With his fist in a clinch
To hang and to lynch
To hide ‘neath the hood
To kill with no pain
Like a dog on a chain
He ain’t got no name
But it ain’t him to blame
He’s only a pawn in their game

Today, Medgar Evers was buried from the bullet
he caught, They lowered him down as a king
But when the shadowy sun sets on the one
That fired the gun, He’ll see by his grave
On the stone that remains
Carved next to his name

His epitaph plain…

KENNEDY BOTHrummy-rumsfeld-dang-shot-myself-in-the-grassy-knoll BORDER 800Johnson and Prince Phillip 800

Only a pawn in their game…

So what are you gonna do America?

Nov 6th fascist egg suck 560Nov 6th Cessna Pilot pedo dungeon Grand Jury 560 (2)Treason Amnesty anti-hypocrisy darker 560

2:00 PM AEST Oct 24



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