Tech 115, hack the crap out of it?

And after 62 years of abuse they accuse ME of making trouble was it?

Schwammberger Atta Seagal


My normal wireless\broadband internet usage is between 10 to 12 or so GB per week whether I’m working hard or just watching some YouTube, or both, yet on re-signing with Telstra after some dissatisfaction with Vodafone it’s just used almost 29 GB in under 5 1\2 days so you know what America, Australia?

I’m smelling a rat, a big old nasty US Cyber Security Control fascist rat that’s been hacking on my mobile broadband system, the dumbasses were even vain enough to brag about it in house, sure wish I’d had some legal resource to punch them in the nose over them abusing my 4th Amendment this bad because after all is said and done, despite what it says on the birth certificate issued to the son my step mom gave birth to, the reality is I’d been Ohio born then snatched and swapped with him at the hospital as both step parents would occasionally remind me with some residual bitterness, then raised as a rent boy in Australia, pimped by the Central Intelligence Agency throughout my entire childhood for their old Odessa masters and Odessa’s masters who appear to be Knight of Malta Mason’s mostly descended from the German Mountbatten (Battenberg) bloodline, so really, screw you ‘AND your faggot proscribed person’s Patriot Act crap fascist America, you’ve abused my constitutional rights from the very day I’d been born, yet anyway, the bandwidth hacking, wow, bit extreme…

Looks like my blogs sparked some Orwellian outrage…

Meanwhile Oz I’m still a witness to those murders…

And yeah smartasses, spilled food all over my beard…

Nov 6th #pedodungeongrandjury 364


12:12 PM AEST Sept 17

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