A devil, or a deep blue Holy See?

Pedo grand jury Nov 11 STAN LARGEHYPOCRITES Stars and Stripes

Guess true-believers (sic) might react negatively to this…

For a nation which usually allows it’s political class to occasionally blow it off around election time by telling it that the god of the Hebrew Christ has blessed it above all other nations but then in the real world hasn’t given children trapped in their protected underground pedophile dungeon networks any real constitutional rights to quick and speedy justice and\or due process at law via a grand jury into the hell they’re placed in by the Sept 11 Perp’s who just happen to be (Surprise) it’s political classes, then speaking as a victim of exactly that type of childhood torture terror sexual abuse and denial of due process I’m inclined to call bullshit on the whole thing, that wasn’t the god of the Hebrew Christ that blessed you,
it was a Hebrew devil called STAN or Satan or something like that…

Yeah Washington claims they don’t get it, cock-socket’s…

Everything’s fine in Washington isn’t it, all above board…

Guess everything’s fine if you’re a true believer Huh?

Nah serious, long as you’re a true believer it’s all good…

God-almighty will fix everything after Armageddon…

But until then there’s a problem Houston, a biggie…

Redneck Comedian balance the deficit 600 maybePEDO child rights suppressing truth 600HYPOCRITES Stars and Stripes 600

Balance the deficit in your fcuking hypocrite morality…

Redneck Comedian FCUK YOUR GOD _ Red Arrow NO JOKE 600redneck-comedian-patriot act allegation 600HYPOCRITES Stars and Stripes 600

10:00 AM AESDST March 09
An edit just before 6:00 PM

Skull treason SMALL

Beware, these
blogs are all

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