Tech #83, the Redneck standoff?

Why things in America go pear-shaped with a gayo-redneck congress…

Now look, Redneck’s are probably good people, I-met a Maori once who was a full member of a tight knit circle of hard core Skinheads and while I’m sure all sorts of people rightly or wrongly have bad stories about Skinhead’s, the one’s I’d crossed paths with were awesome people, simply bloody awesome, staunch, reliable, men of their word, including the Maori ~ While it’s true I’ve never met many Rednecks as most souls would think of them as having been born in Ohio yet also having grown up outside the states I’d not be too surprised to learn there are some awesome Rednecks to, maybe some are assholes no doubt, bigoted assholes no doubt, yet maybe just as many are awesome and not at all bigoted, maybe like those Skinheads I’d met they just don’t like phaggot bullshit artists, which brings me to the title of this post in this blog and it’s first two graphics ~ The title is a bit of a sarcastic pun on the “Infowars” type of redneck, the gayo phaggot fascist and often bigoted  type of secretly part German descent Young Republican type of redneck, Heh-Heh, total frauds, anyway, enjoy the blog…

The reason things have gone pear-shaped in America is below…

sons-of-light-Master Mason-biker 800

addo-whacko-tutti-fruiti.png 800


All videos and graphics used in fair-use\comment principles…
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Here’s a link (Link) to reasons why America is failing it’s kids…

Nov 6 2018 miss-the buss squat diddly bw-560

Justice of the people, by the people, but for the children?

waco-bush-dubya-bw 560

It be like you always wait for tomorrow to fix itself…

Well did it?

Nov 6th #pedodungeongrandjury 364

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