Tech #117, judge for yourself…

Haspel Kavanaugh Trump Atta got your back 1000

Yup, all good America, you’re just getting smarter and smarter…

Biological half-brother to Atta a Supreme Court Judge?

Well how about Jim Carrey as president in 2020?

Meanwhile the monotone Orwellian-soundbite media, that’s the media that runs whatever old story the Berger’s of Washington command them to, they’re running with this old Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination and sexual assault story as if the sexual assault story was new, it’s not ~ It was done to death back at the time Kavanaugh was first mooted as a future Supreme Court Judge which from memory was back around the time of the Obama swap, back when one of Mengele’s other other African American part German Mengele test tube creations had taken the place of the one many of you voted for in 2008 so answer me this Sherlock…

There were 3 or 4 Malcolm-X\Obama\Mountbatten’s…

Mountbatten Malcolm X 560

So are you ever going to wake-up Yankee Doodle?

Obama Malcolm X 560

But leaving the avalanche of high tech fascist German eugenics aside for the moment answer me this, what the hell is going on with this pretense that this so called new allegation of sexual misconduct that just surfaced is indeed new, it was literally done to death some time back in or around the year 2010 when all the Hub Hub about the disappearance of the old Obama was in play big time leading up to the mid term elections, back around the time an undercover ‘FBI’ stated on National Public Radio he’d screwed kids to gain the trust of an underground pedophile dungeon network that Washington was protecting, he also said they were ready to go to the grand jury for trial but old “Smokin’ Joe” Battenberg (Mountbatten) must have blocked it cause nothing came of it, so what-up?

Aren’t you ever going to stop being frauds America?

Nov 7 Pedo dungeon children 600 BW

My old World War Two sergeant step father who sat on the bench as a Justice of the Peace in an Australian mining town for all of 6 months until he was asked to leave for refusing to jail prostitutes unless the customer was to face the same fate as the coppers were asking for the arrested prostitute, he occasionally said to me “Whenever there’s a lie you better find out why” and it kind of stuck with me thru all the decades since, these guys are lying about the Kavanaugh allegation being new big time, so don’t you think you better find out why they’re all lying, before any further bites are taken out of the US Constitution with Atta’s biological half brother sitting on the bench to pass judgement in favour of anything Atta’s other half brother Pompeo or half sister Haspel bring before the court?

Seriously, you got any class left at all soldier-boy’s?

ROBBY Pedo Dungeon bar code 490

11:00 PM AEST Sept 21


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