Tech #94, witch Hillary is witch?

Witch Hillary

Most people don’t realize Masonry is witchcraft…

Roughneck and rudeness, We should be using,
on the ones who practice wicked charms for the
sword and the stone, Bad to the bone, Battle is
not over even when it’s won, And when a child
is born into this world it has no concept,
Of the tone the skin it’s living in…

Slightly off track there some may think,
yet those who’ve read the other blogs may
recall me stating I’d seen nine Aboriginal
bubs sliced up in ritual torture murders
by the Freemason’s when I’d been a kid
myself in the 60’s, they’re pure evil
and lie about everything, period…

It’s a worldwide Luciferin Masonic conspiracy…

Hillary Rodham Clinton Benghazi Masonic Lies BW 560

You may have noticed that already after Sept 11…

BND CIA Spies wake up 560

Any-waaay, here’s a quick few factoids on Libya…

There was (Is) an extensive tunnel system underneath the embassy complex and thus no one was really trapped there ~ Now I’m not saying nobody died there because that’d be like saying nobody died at Sandy Hook and nobody died in the Parkland school shooting or any of the other myriad fake shootings in America since the attack by radical Islamic Cessna Pilot’s (Snicker) but Um, over 30 years of Libya’s ‘GDP’ in light sweet crude traded for gold was missing, multiple trillions of dollars in gold maybe, Libya had over 30 years of it’s output of light sweet crude paid for in gold, and it was missing at the time of the so called embassy attack so something might not be quite right in the official story…

Nazi feingold 560Stolen Libyan gold

If you get my drift…


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If they offended you, you’re offended aren’t you…

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