Tech 142, hypnotizing sheep…

Trump hair Tump Tower sheep deficit BAR CODE Sweet Dreams

A master-class in Masonic sheep-herding ever since Kennedy…


Surprise mother fcukerz, it really is a conspiracy…

Sheep sheepdog fascist Masonic conspiracy 600

To my personal knowledge and experience Knight of Malta Freemason’s of illegitimate Prussian descent always controlled everything since the Kennedy conspiracy when America’s machinery of state was (Deliberately) thrown into permanent turmoil and confusion by the shooting death of that Secret Service identity double in the Limo in Dealy Plaza, numerous stories abound about what really went down that day in Nov 1963 however one thing remains certain and one thing remains likely, what’s certain is that wasn’t Kennedy in the Limo, plus it’s likely the mystery man on the Grassy Knoll that day the Washington political machine claimed Kennedy died (Ex Army Ranger sniper Rumsfeld) was either a damn fine shot or was just pretty fcuking lucky and it was a fluke, right?

Both are Bavarian Illuminati (KOM) in that graphic above here…

Bavarian Illuminati Muslims and Jews 600

The old Bavarian Illuminati took over the Knight of Malta name…

Ford-Hitler-Mussolini-Benedict-Queeb KOM red arrow LARGE

Hitler financed by the US Fed, Musso financed by London banks…

Knight of Malta Masonic fascist Zionist conspiracy BETTER 600

Yeah what conspiracy, what conspiracy, what, what?

There’s no conspiracy here Boss, only dumb sheep…

Know what’s even more important than that pathetic stuff?


Yup, you’re still denying kids constitutional rights…

Redneck FCUK YOUR GOD ~ Red Arrows 560


4:00 AM AEST Nov 30


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