Tech 130, just an American fate?

Oh it was definitely Muslim’s, not Mason’s, swear-to-god…

You may have to exercise a bit of intellect to get this one…

Tho once you work shit out do you want to just repeat it?

Repeat an American fate that will murder 1\3rd of the world…

So that’s one Waffle and one Falafel was it Whackjob?

Then a ‘Coalition of the Willing’ invades the innocent?

This post is over 1300+ words, it’s billion’s and billion’s of Twitter posts…
It cover’s difficult subjects as best as possible, either read it or don’t, simple…
I’ve told you what you could do, but where will you get the balls\brains?


Allow me to explain something to the ignorant…

When America’s political leader’s are always on television making stuff up and even repeating made up stuff as they so often are about ridiculous stuff that’s way too bizarre to go into here, lying damn-near 24\7 just to keep their own people confused enough not to question what the hell they’re up to then even tho countries like Russia and China are in essence ruled by the same part Prussian descent Knight of Malta Masonic clique, even though they’re all within the same secret Masonic club inside the Masonic Lodge, each coordinating their efforts so as to keep the people of each country relatively bamboozled any time they’re not simply fluster-fcuked then you’d be excused for not wondering whether the ‘FSB’ has an entire communist deep state department psychiatric team hard at work at a Russian Polytechnic monitoring the psychological foibles of both the current (Fake) US political media as well as the incumbent crazies in congress to monitor them all 24\7 around the clock to foretell signs of any impending breakdown of sanity in America’s Govt, and maybe even China’s secret intelligence service as well are perhaps retaining the services of 10,000 highly trained Buddhist mystics so as to try to stay up to date on whatever the next move might be by the world’s #01 manic depressive, so all told you might be right to wonder if by lying too much Washington has metaphorically already dug their grave too deep…

So that said (What said?) sometimes these blogs may either mock Washington outright or simply use a bit of droll humor both to highlight the absurdities of the face they’re presenting to the world in public as well as to simply gift the common man and woman of the world a kind of vaguely humorous perspective with which to begin to question why they’re always lying so manically and tragically now…

It’s this writer’s personal opinion that here’s one of the main reason’s here below, beware folks, sadly it’s no joke, and yes, that first sentence immediately above was waaay too long to be grammatically correct, so fcuking sue me alright?

The Knights of Malta Mason’s have this planned next…

You loser’s will cause the deaths of 1\3rd of humanity…


Now here’s a comment to America’s 101st Airborne…

Freemason’s running the US Military are under the control of the Knights of Malta who by the way used to be known as the Bavarian Illuminati in Thomas Jefferson’s day, they obeyed your Commander in Chief and sent the 101st with the rest of the US Military into Iraq on the premise of protecting you…

Most people won’t know the 101st isn’t the type of unit to do policing actions with cause they’re trained to go in hard to completely annihilate all opposition and all possible opposition before moving onto the next target which they’ll then proceed to totally and completely annihilate, they’ll kill all possible opposition there too, obviously including any innocent Iraqi’s who were lawfully defending their homes and their borders or at least attempting to defend their homes and borders without any of America’s ‘WMD’ capacity ~ Now as any informed droll fool knows the original Saddam Hussein had fully disarmed by 1993 then was (Literally) disappeared as the saying goes, replaced by one of his 9 body double lookalikes but the world wide part Prussian descent Knight of Malta Masonic deception rolled on after illegally removing Iraq’s entire stocks of gold bullion, supposedly to keep terrorists (sic) from getting their hands on it, and then you Freemason’s in the US Military under the command of the Knights of Malta sent your forces including the 101st Airborne into Afghanistan who we can presume had about as much to do with wiring the Pentagon and Building 7 and the Twin Towers up as did the Bavarian controlled ‘MOSSAD’ or Bavarian controlled Iraqi’s, in other words they also had absolutely fcuking zero to do with any of it and neither did they shut NORAD down for 2 hours or send the Air Force off to Alaska and out into the Atlantic chasing Russian’s, aaaand again we can presume the 101st Airborne probably went and did their gayo sworn-duty thing (sic) in Afghanistan which we’ve already ascertained is to annihilate opposition…

Meanwhile Airborne, while you were off bombing the crap out of two innocent people’s who’d broken no law and attacked nothing that was in any way American and had none of your high tech weapons to murder anyone with, the Patriot Act was passed by the Freemason’s in the US Congress, the same one’s as pulled off the Sept 11 Coup D’Atta by the way, and eventually 2\3rds of the US Constitution went up in smoke including my fcuking Ohio-born 4th Amendment, that’s the one your kids won’t have now if (When) they need it because when the fascists now running America removed it for one person they removed it for everybody, and now I’m almost getting to the point ~ While you were off blowing the crap out of innocent people trying to defend their borders the few American soldiers who spoke out about the theft of the Iraqi gold in those metal coffins shifted by 3 ton forklifts pictured above were either being silenced or killed which is another form of silencing, and while all of that was happening the very same Knight of Malta Masonic fascists mentioned above also expanded a 50 state wide underground pedophile dungeon network which imprisons children to sexual servitude and even ritual murder and they desperately need a pedophile dungeon grand jury with open hearings to escape, or else they need a mercy shot in the back of the head because only one or the other will ever free them of the sexual slavery they’ve been placed in by the very same Luciferin Prussian descent old secret society bastard’s as pulled the Knight of Malta Sept 11 Masonic Coup…

But pretend your little faggy-heart’s out all you want…

So here’s my point, get passive\aggressive if you want…

I’m clearly stating here that I’m very prepared to take it upon myself to be your accuser in Hades, I’ll take every damn one of you 101st Airborne on in Hades as in my mind versus all of yours as one, both those among the living and those among the dead in the twinkling of an eye as the saying goes, I’ll take you all on as one and I’m going to accuse you of being hypocritical fakes and faggot’s…

Technically these blogs already accomplished that bit…

Nov 6th fascist egg suck 560Nov 6th Cessna Pilot pedo dungeon Grand Jury 560 (2)Nov 6 pedo dungeon Nazi's 560

And of-course you’ll have the right-of-reply, faggot’s…

Yeah look, not speaking plainly enough for fag’s?

Now you just make out of this whatever you want to…


‘Spose you think it’s a joke do you?

9:00 PM AEST Oct 31
Re-EDIT 11:59 PM


PS: My next post on my sarcasm blog (Link)
might be called “Fluoride x butt-sex and the
Patriot Act x NDAA” or even be titled why are
America’s Sept 11 Masonic plotter’s so damn
confidant they can always blow America off
any damn time that they want to now?

Cessna Pilot’s? ~ Skyscrapers? 😉

PPS: I-don’t give a rat’s ass
who you screw or what sex
they are as long as they’re
over the legal age and it’s
all consensual fool 😦

Fat girl BW


So the fluoride got you?

Then here’s a dumb-down version,
you could invade Iraq and then also
invade Afghanistan killing over 1 1\2
million innocent people while stealing
the gold and Lithium for the Masonic
Sept 11 perps but you can’t even get a
real world #pedodungeongrandjury
on the Nov 6 ballot for the kids?

12:30 AM AEST Nov 1st


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