Tech 135, moron’s won did they?

C’mon America, cut the bull-crap, that’s not the original Donald J, and Cessna Pilot’s can’t fly commercial passenger jets either, the real problem was moronic Masonic treason since Kennedy, simple enough, and a #pedodungeongrandjury while you’re at it, that was the moron’s version, you enjoy-it, moron’s? 😉

Tech 128, Um, rook to King four?

I’m highlighting rogue ‘DNA’ bouncing round the billiard table with Prince William’s grandfather mother and himself as the featured graphic, along with Grump’s friend\adviser Gary Cohn and his real father SS Michael Kolnofer plus Grump’s son-in-law + mother brother and Um, me, I’m just a political comedian that don’t believe nothing anymore, never did either, things are either true or false and (Morally) right or wrong, what’s belief in anything got to do with it?

And just cause it’s said with humor why should that negate it’s accuracy?

#121, is it defining definitions?

Okaaaay we’ve started by defining the definition of treason then? Then there’s the treason amnesty to restore truth in society… Then of-course there’s what to do if the amnesty is abused… Okay, you’ve defined what lying to a grand jury is, good… Now you’ve defined what a good golf swing is as well… We’re getting…… Continue reading #121, is it defining definitions?

Ramrodding a herd of morons…

Seems like I’m always disagreeing disagreeably with the boss man…

Obviously me likening America to a herd of moron’s won’t get me elected to the Ohio Senate on Nov 6th any time soon if I’d been stupid enough to run for office from 15,000 miles away, but sometimes saying things abruptly is the only way to get past the anti intellectual logjam that’s developed in the American political psyche post Sept 11 and especially so since the 2004 on message moment of the Iraq war, that said to my mind and to my way of thinking having been trapped in a Central Intelligence pedo snuff movie brothel as a kid myself, literally the biggest single thing you’re ignoring or have forgotten now that you’re being governed by taxpayer funded left and right media bullshit 24\7 America is literally simply the fully open public hearing’s in the  #pedodungeongrandjury you haven’t got, so what you gonna do about it America, what you gonna do? ~ For real that is?