My incredulity meter’s broke boss!

I’m still not too sure why any remaining effective political activists in America that are left are ‘STILL’ ignoring my 5th Amendment after all this time, I’ve been asking non stop to simply be told the precise allegation or accusation the Sept 11 perps used to place my Ohio-born sex slave traded baby Heini on their proscribed persons list, but I’ll tell you this you remaining defenders of whatever’s left of the US Constitution after Odessa’s Patriot Act gutted it, those Odessa descent Nazis who will eventually murder around half your nation using your own weapons to do so before making the survivors envy the dead will probably cheer your stupidity right up until you finally stop being so fcuking stupid, period..

The obvious oxymorons probably!

Forty years ago ‘CIA’ budget was around $1 billion+ dollars a week…. It’s a ballpark figure, accurate enough, $1000+ million dollars per week you were paying the intelligence service controlled by the Prussian descent World War Two fascist Knight of Malta Masonic Sept 11 plotters to beguile you, to deceive you in the intellectual sense and to…… Continue reading The obvious oxymorons probably!

The Aryan-menace returns again?

From a nation that gave us Cessna Pilot skyscraper demolition…

Folk unaccustomed to being personally responsible for the maintenance of the integrity of their own spirit (Mind) and soul in the religious or spiritual sense as well as for those never trained in the complex multi-layered system of illogical and often irrational dishonesty the Prusso\Aryan controlled Masonic Lodges use to govern the masses via their political world without any true accountability for past-actions\present-problems, let alone future consequences, reading someone else’s assessment of this real-world rolling fcuk-up (Status-quo) we’re in 107 yrs after a Prusso\Aryan owned Masonic controlled US Federal Reserve was created out of stolen Russian gold to finance Prusso\Aryan Nazi’s to loot Europe’s gold so as to eventually create all of the false financial leverage of their big Bush\Reagan American Reaganomics years and the British Bush-Thatcherism asset stripping a mere 30 years after they’d financed those Nazis 1933 can be a little bit heavy for those aforesaid untrained minds but beware, cause it’s the same Prusso\Aryan Luciferian shit running America England Russia Germany and China today…

I’m still waiting for allegation\accusations Sept 11 perp’s used to put an
Ohio–born sex-slaved baby on their anti-constitutional Patriot Act Level
Two ‘NDAA‘ proscribed person’s 1st 4th & 5th Amendment abuse-list…